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Random Jabberings on my music:

I've no real specific style of music, I try everything from classical to speedcore. I do need to say music - not songs, I'm hopeless at lyrics - but we cant all be perfect ;)

I've been making music since quartet on the ST and it has been a major part of my life since. You get an idea and just want to see what you can make of it, maybe messing around on your keyboard - or you hear a song and think 'that chord sequence is wasted - it'd be so much better if they..' - it doesnt always work and sometimes it shouldnt - I've had to let countless ideas go because I coudnt do much with them beyond the initial idea - ok, sure you could force a track out of it - but it will sound forced - so it's better not to bother - leave it awhile - come back to it next year - maybe you'll know more or have fresh ideas (I hope!) and be able to use it - if it isn't working - leave it alone.

I think I've got ok at making music now - you progress in stages writing music, and finally you reach a stage where you can go back to songs you made a year or so before and still think they sound ok - thats when your doing ok - your no longer thinking 'wheres the panning? have you heard of dynamics? less is more - christ what was I thinking?' thats where i am now - almost - we'll see in a year I guess.

contact: chornaey AT yahoo.com (tryin not 2 get spammed 2 much!!)