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Hardcore Scm '12

Hardcore Scm '12 - DreamDance 22 genre: ambient / chill A building ambienty chilled track - some pads and percussion all swirling around

Hardcore Scm '12 - DreamDance 23 genre: ambient / chill a simple melody and back ground pads on afew synths. i loved the sound of that first instrument and the whole song sort of built itself around that. i used all percussive/mallet type synths

Hardcore Scm '12 - No Rest genre: hardcore techno / gabber a hardcore techno track. starts with abit of amen then switches to a pounding kick and brings in a sweep pad and synth after abit

Hardcore Scm '12 - String Quartet 3 genre: classical / chamber music started off normally enough in g harmonic minor but as i was writing it some accidental accidentals and something about the whining tone of the first violin made me write the tune getting more and more discordant until eventually all the parts are all over the place! But i liked it so here it is

Hardcore Scm '12 - Our World genre: hardcore techno / gabber / trance a psy-trance gabber track, builds pads and melodies, mixes em up and moves em around all with a pounding kick and a nice snare behind them

Hardcore Scm '12 - DreamDance 21 genre: ambient / chill An ambienty chilled track. Plays around with a 4 note thing i start humming one day - on 4 pads and with some percussion

Hardcore Scm '12 - Breeze genre: ambient / trip hop okeoky, this ones made up of afew bits - theres a repeating chord sequence played by a full orchestra that runs most of the length of the song. i rendered this out and then did a low filter sweep starting around 150hz at the start of the tune and going up to ~9khz by the end. so it starts as a low rumble and very gradually builds over the entire track - at the end theres some high runs on flutes, trumpets + violins makin a swirly effect - thens theres some drums, percussion, a bass and a cupla pads doing things over top

Hardcore Scm '12 - Abyss genre: trip hop / trance starts a bit trip hop with the synths and break drums then goes sort of 4/4 in the second half and a bit trancey electro
Hardcore Scm '12 - Digital Rectal Massage genre: hardcore techno some drums, some synths, some percussion. sometimes find i cant get kicks quite how i want em with one synth so tried mixing up 3 layers with this track - 1 layer for the punch, 1 for the tone, and 1 for the bass.
Hardcore Scm '12 - Unleash Hell genre: hardcore techno some noise type synths and a bit of melody - distorted breakbeats in the builds - varied the kick afew times
Hardcore Scm '12 - Piano Piece in G Minor genre: classical / chill first made the 16 bar chord sequence, then recorded me improvising over that for about 20 mins, picked out the bits i liked, tidied them up and arranged
Hardcore Scm '12 - Piece for 3 Flutes genre: classical / ambient / chill a gentle, sedate piece for 2 flutes and a bass flute. starts on one flute, then adds the second and finally the bass flute comes in last a bit ambienty with some echo and reverb making the notes bounce around
Hardcore Scm '12 - Psionic genre: uk hardcore A melodic uk hardcore track, a few syncopated synths playing against a bit of a melody

Hardcore Scm '11

Hardcore Scm '11 - Soaring genre: trancore, uk hardcore A more trance like hardcore track - has a prominent string section and harp over kick and synths n pads - trys out different things with the strings while i double the synth melody - used a kick with a long decay and strong tone so it doubles as a bass
Hardcore Scm '11 - Reborn genre: hardcore techno playing around with a kick under a chordy melody line and pads
Hardcore Scm '11 - Exasperation genre: hardcore techno a bit of a mix between ambient pads n melody and a hard gabber kick
Hardcore Scm '11 - Amalthea genre: drum and bass starts with some staccato ostinati with the orchestra and then brings in a syncopated bass and the drums. builds to the second half when a melody comes in on the flutes
Hardcore Scm '11 - Solar genre: Trance plays around with some different melodies on afew synths, theres a pad round back and some drums and an offstep bass
Hardcore Scm '11 - Warning genre: UK Hardcore a nicely pounding little track. made a nice harsh lead synth by accident trying to make a kick in massive and this was the result. the "alarm" and off beat synth are the same instrument but at different octaves
Hardcore Scm '11 - Time Ram genre: Gabber / Dubstep some hardcore techno with abit of dubstep in the middle
Hardcore Scm '11 - Xi Hu genre: Trip Hop / Downbeat A slow chilled piece, mixing up bass sweeps and synth melodies and pads and drums
Hardcore Scm '11 - DreamDance 20 genre: Ambient / Chill Pads and a pulsing bass and echoey percussion with a fluttering melody
Hardcore Scm '11 - Slipstream genre: Hardstyle A melodic hardstyle track - had three ideas for melodies while messing around so the track has a likl bit with each one then shoves em together at the end
The Pulse genre: UK Hardcore A driving bouncy UK Hardcore track. Passes the main melody around a few synths and has chordy interlude bits then puts it all together at the end.
Tektonik genre: Techno, Trip Hop A trancey trip-hoppy techno piece, slow melodies and breaks and bass and drums
Magnetar genre: Trance, Hard Dance A tinkly trance track - goes abit techno in the middle. Put a long feedback echo on the kick and it slowly morphed into the distorted kick and noise over a few minutes
Play Hard genre: Hardcore, Hard Techno playing around with some metal guitar mixed in with a gabber kick and synth line - first time using massive to make a kick - had to eq it abit but turned out ok - a couple of claps panned left and right and a heavily fxd snare make up the percusion
Lysithea genre: Drum and Bass A building, trancey drum and bass track. Swirling melodies, ambient pads and big basses.
Free Fall genre: Trip hop / Downbeat A bass led trip-hop type track the bass was a happy accident while making a gabber kick in massive - abit too much attack and there it was!!
Momentum - Hardcore Mix genre: Hardcore / Gabber A try at mixing some orchestra with hardcore. Was going to have a long, slow orchestral intro but i didnt like the transition to the synths and drums - felt abit jarring. So i sampled some bits of the orchestra for this track and turned the rest into a purely classical track Hardcore Scm '11 - Momentum - Classical Mix.
Momentum - Classical Mix genre: Classical The classical version of Hardcore Scm '11 - Momentum. Was going to be an intro to the hardcore version but i thought it worked better on its own and decided to just use a few phrases in the hardcore version.
Alpine genre: Hard Dance / Trance A thumping hard dance track
Fucked genre: UK Hardcore / Freeform A freeform uk hardcore track - mostly 4beat with abit of steppers in the middle
The Chase genre: Classical An orchestral piece - builds on a theme and moves it around the different sections
DreamDance 19 genre: Ambient / Chill Plays around with a couple of melodies on 3 synths
Eat Shit genre: UK Hardcore A pounding little UK Hardcore style track
Ripper genre: Trip Hop / Downbeat A dark synthy bassy piece
Drums genre: Trance / Dance / Techno A sort of trance/house track - but only has drums - kicks, hats, claps and abit of fx - no melodies or bass
Feather genre: Trance A simplish trance track with building pads over kicks n bass came from ideas i had while making Hardcore Scm '11 - Drums but that wouldnt have fit as that was a purely percussive piece
Snooze genre: Drum and Bass A melodic dnb track - builds with an organ sounding pad then goes into the main theme on 2 synths. called snooze as the full drum pattern and bass came from a dream i had while having an afternoon nap!!

Hardcore Scm '10

Treachery genre: Hardcore / Gabber A buzzy bouncy beepy hard techno track
DreamDance 17 genre: Ambient / Chill A bass and percussion led track
Adrenaline genre: Hardstyle, Techno A hardstyle track with a bit of a distorted break and an energetic main melodic bit
DreamDance 18 genre: Ambient / Chill A more ambient, soundscapey type track - 3 pads and light echoing percussion
50,000 Volts genre: UK Hardcore A banging UK Hardcore track. Energetic and uplifting
Twist genre: Hardcore / Gabber A lively gabber track. Play around with the kick abit and theres a nice trilling lead synth.
Ever Living genre: Hardcore / Gabber A banging little hardcore/gabber track. starts with a moody pad then builds to a nice distorted off beat synth.
String Quartet 2 - Variation genre: Classical Taking the main sequence from String Quartet 2 and trying different things - most notably all the instruments playing pizzicato but also variation in rhythms, tempo and melodies.
String Quartet 2 genre: Classical A slow dreamy piece for 2 violins, viola and cello.
Sleepless genre: Drum and Bass A bluesy drum and bass track, Double bass, oboe and flute over a breakbeat and percussion
Horizon genre: Trip Hop / Downbeat A break and bass led trip-hop track with a buzzer and wibbler along for the ride
Ripple genre: Classical / Ambient / Chill A gentle echoing piano piece
Adrift genre: Trip Hop / Downbeat / Chill Trancey melodies over breaks and a wompy bass
Dawn genre: Trance A mix of lighter and harder trance melodies
Scotty genre: Trance / Breakbeat Psytrance melodies with breakbeat drums
Kick Drum genre: Hard Style / Techno Having fun messing around with a double distorted kick - eqing and tricking and phasing and gating - a sort of slow hardsytle and a few beeps and a break over the top
DreamDance 16 genre: Ambient / Chill Swirling melodies and percussion
Deluge genre: Trance A piano led, synthy trance track


Hardcore Scm '09

Dirty Slut genre: Trip Hop / Downbeat A trip hop piece with dirty squelchy bass, pads and second half distorted lead synth
District 9 genre: Hardcore / Gabber A little gabber pounder - sampling the District 9 trailers
DreamDance 14 genre: Ambient / Chill Pads n synths n percussion - all swirly and melodic
DreamDance 15 genre: Ambient / Chill More ambientness - melodies over a throbbing bass
Fuck Shit Up genre: Hardcore / Gabber A tuneful hardcore track
Gondwana genre:Trip Hop / Downbeat A sweeping bass and pads with slightly distorted melody line
Hurricane genre: Trance / Techno / Hard Dance A harder trance track with two competing main synths playing against each other
Killer genre: Drum and Bass A dark drum and bass track with some pads n basses n drums n stuff - switching between pad led sections and harder bass led sections
Manta genre: Hardcore / Gabber A melodic gabber tracker - distorted kicks and big synths
Messing Around genre: Trance / Techno / Hard Dance A melodic hard dance track
Motion genre: Hardcore A melodic uk hardcore track
Nightmare Man genre: Gabber / Hardcore A dark moody melodic gabber / hard techno track
Nightmares genre: Gabber / Hardcore Another gabber thumper - with a banging kick and some synths sweeping around the place
Oboe and Strings genre: Classical A piece for oboe accompanied by strings
Psycho genre:Hardcore / Gabber A hardcore track with tricking kick and melodic synthy bits
Purify genre: Trip Hop / Downbeat A trip hop track with trancey melodies
Underworld genre: Trip Hop / Downbeat A trip-hop type piece with a nice bass and lead synth
Waves genre: Big Beat / Electronica a big beat track with a sweepy bass


Scm '08

DreamDance 11 genre: Ambient / Chill A synthy paddy sweeping track with changing melodies and a distorted rhythmic percussive thingy
DreamDance 12 genre: Ambient / Chill A building track that starts with a simple synth that keeps going through out the whole track and other parts come in and out around it
DreamDance 13 genre: Ambient / Chill A big building synthy percussive piece
Iron genre: Drum and Bass A drum n bass track with this nice squelchy bass and irregular drum pattern. i made the main bass pattern without any drums - then when i put some on found it wouldnt work with the usual steppers pattern. i didnt want tot change the bass so had to fit the drums in around it.
Main Street genre: Breakcore / Drum and Bass A harder drum n bass track with distorted kicks and big buzzing bass
Obsession genre: Drum and Bass A moody melodic drum n bass track with a building bass and chopped up amen
Other Wolrds genre: Gabber / Hardcore A hard melodic gabber track
Pulsars genre: Drum and Bass A bouncey drum n bass track
Stompin genre: Hardcore A bouncey uk hardcore track
The Runner genre: Drum and Bass An energetic melodic Drum n Bass track with a flowing bass line


Scm '07

Breakage genre: Breakbeat / Trip Hop / Downbeat A pad and bass with afew drums breaks all chopped up n messed around with
Molten genre: Hardcore A bouncey techno thingy
Piano Piece genre: Classical / Ambient A piano track with melodies over a chord sequence. I've echoed the piano as I like the way the echoes harmonise with the new notes
Sunrise genre: Trance / Techno A hard tribaly trancey thingy
September Suite - Part A - C

genre: Part A - Gabber / Hardcore

Part B - Trip Hop / Downbeat

Part C - Gabber / Hardcore

Three tunes that each use the same lead synth. While I was tweaking the synth I had three ideas for tracks to use it in and this was the result
Progression A slowly building breakbeat + 4beat track. Takes its hard n fast time trying out different types of pads n melodies before bringing them all in at the end
Contact A hard happy meldoic pounder. starts with this beeping thingy bounce around between the left n right and then the main melody kicks in after a while and mixes it up
The Forest A slowly building downbeaty thing with a bass n drums n plinky things
Turn the Tide Starts a bit moody then gets a distorted uplifting melody in the second half
DreamDance 9 Melodies, synths, percussion and a wibbly thing
DreamDance 10 A moody, paddy building track with drums n fx n melodies
Hearts Beat Faster A building, anthemic hardcore track. Big pouniding synth and doin all sortsa different things with the main synth.
Weakness A harder melodic thingy - distorted kicks and synths
Europa A bass lead energetic steppers, with some paddy bits and synths.
Butterfly A flowing steppers track with drone-y bass and tinkly synths.
Walking By A bass-ey, stringy thing with a big pounding kick, slowed down snare and random tinkly things.


Scm '06

2809 A piano housey hard dance piece. Chordy piano, melody, huge bass and synths
Anarchy A bit of orchestral, ambientish gabber. Melody on strings and an oboe with screechy synth and fast kicks.
Chipped A synthy big beaty type thing - screechy lead and distorted bass with echoey pads and harsh tasty beats
Choices Another hard 1! The Kicks are pounding, the synth is screeching - and you only have one choice!
Collision A hardish trancey techno hard bass thingy. kick and bass and squelchy synth
DreamDance 8 A bass-y, floating sweeping thing
Generation A hands in the air, pilled up trancer - all melodic n stuff.
Humanity A hard punchy bass and twisted lead synths intersperced with quieter paddy bits. Dark and energetic.
Protocol A melodic hardcore piece, pads and bass and snares and synths and stuff.
Spider woompy bass and distorted synth playing around some pads
Steam A bit o ambienty tech step type stuff - nice sweep bass n pads n bleeps n drums
WTF A sorta mix of a more melodic style with pounding beats. Hard n tunefull !
Dream Kicks n Bass n Synths n Hats all mixed 2gether a spat out into a hardbass mulch!
Flight A melodic trancer - abit on the darker side.
Orchestral Piece 1 Playing around with a couple of themes and counter melodies separately and together.
Perky A purely percussive piece using ethnic and traditional instruments with some reverb and effects.
Pleasure A moody, screechy darkcore track. Tricked up kick and harsh main synth.


Scm '05

Titanium A simple rolling dnb track
The Shore Quite chilled and gentle - a melody, an echoey noisey-type synth, some drums, a bass.
Tai Mo Shan A down and dirty little head bouncer. A nice squelchy synth over a big bass and strong drums.
Storm Starts off with synths and lite percussion, quite ambienty, playing around with different sounds - then kicks in with the drums and bass half way through and gets a bit dirtier.
Laureth-7 A breaky bit of instrumental trance. A bit mid 90's in style.
Bodiless A bit of a mix - DnB drums and bass with trance melodies and breakdowns. Uplifting and energetic.
Melded A 4 beat stomper. When i wrote it i used the same vst for the bass and main synth as a temp but then when i tried to change em later it didnt work so they stayed.
Elec135 An ambienty bigbeat number. Slow melodies and breaky drums.
Doc Happy melodic hardcore. Bin tryin the main melody in different styles since 96 but think im finally happy with it now. Cudnt b arse with a starting section so its just build up then straight in.
I'm Coming A bit of harder one - gabber with a bit of a melody. big drum with a synth and a noise - an energetic foot stomper.
Ghosts A darker bit of hardcore - abit clostrophobic and moody. Tried something different with kick - its got very little highs and mids so you tend to feel it more than hear it, but needs decent speakers or it just vanishes.
Roraima A multiple break based ambienty, paddy little number. Starts of slow then gets a bit steppy, mixing up slow and fast drums.
Showdown A harsh steppers with a squelchy sorta distorted midrange tune and a wobbly pad.
Sounds of the Dying A harder speedcore type track with a bit of a breakbeat. Playing around with the different sounds and rhythms i can get out of the bass drum.
Silica A tuney little hardcore number with a thumpin kick and the melody played around between two synths.
Canal du Midi A calm rolling track, with a piano leading over a nice bass and break.
Hydrogenated An ambient downbeat number. Drums and percussion around a synth melody and harmonies.
TCB A slightly melodious gabber track with a nice sorta screechy lead synth and big ass kick
Boosh A harder driving bit of hardcore. Nice tricked out kick and harsh main synth that develops through the track.
DreamDance 7 - Melany Starts with the main melody on a piano and builds adding a cello and counter melody on flute while the main theme is played around an oboe and the piano. Bit of an odd 1 this - the piano/oboe theme came to me at the bus stop and just sorta started whistlin the flute part doin the ironing!
Pentatonia A simple piece on the piano. A bit sequencey - it builds on a 4 bar phrase, then gets all chordy. Written mainly in a pentatonic scale (never have guessed eh?). Started out as an attempt to do a piano house style gabber track - that didnt work but i liked the piano bit i had so i just kept that and developed it some more.
Gabber 4

A kinda minimal gabber.

Quite a long intro - but i just loved the way the kick sounded at all these different frequencies as i was effecting it, theres a nice bass warbling with the long decay, and a waaaar sound at the higher freqs. For me it really builds the mood of the song until the main drum comes in.

Not really any melody - just a beep that comes in fully bout halfway through.

A hard track to convert from the wav - it kept getting a weird high noise on the kick - so iv had to encode it at 224kbit - its probably only me that would notice it - but hey what can you do?


Scm '04

DreamDance 5 - Synth Dreams Main themes using a harp and a koto around a simple main chord sequence built with pads, an electric piano, strings and light percussion.
DreamDance 6 - The Calm Before A piano and flute driven piece. Quite calm and uplifting. I may be biased - but it just makes me feel good when I listen to it.
DreamDance 4 - Piano An echoey piano led piece. I also killed it with a new GM-sweep pad - it just sounds so good - especially when it harmonises in the later sections of the song. Apart from that - some strings, more pads and some tinkly synths.
Bells Hard Trance with abit of the Think break thrown in for good measure. I always loved the sound of church/tubular bells so here they are, and past the build-up they're almost never gone. Quite a pounder, not as much as the hardstyle mix (obviously!) but it still storms!
Bells - Hardstyle Mix Distorted kick drums, myriad synths, off beat bass, long break downs- and them pesky bells again. Sorry but i just love em - and they're only here in spirit - in the form of the bastard son of trance and gabba that is Hardstyle. So, yes its another mix of Bells - but i like it so there :P Maybe il get a DnB version out of it then il quit - honest. Maybe a Dreamdance - but thats the last i swear.
Bells - brk + bldless mix A second version of Bells I just started doing for some reason - well I do just love the way that bell sounds and I wanted to explore some ideas that would have been out of place on the original. More of a straight trance version with the synth leading first ahead of the bells, afew more synth parts and no breakbeat. No long buildups or sections without drums - felt I did that enough in the original mix.
Beat Kicks A mostly instrumental trance/hard trancer. Has two main themes sorta playing against each other, then merging in the final section. First trance song iv done for about 2 years, along with the Bells mixes, after being in a DnB/Downbeat phase. Which is kind of good as the practise iv had elsewhere meant i got out of the 'throw every pad and string i could find at it' technique i was digging myself into...
Destruction More hardstyle madness - this time with abit of an acid riff playing off against a 'gentler' pad section. Oddly for me - it gets going quite quickly - its off and running by before the two minute mark - crikey! A nice distorted 909 kick pounds through the track, and the pads and string work well against the acid riff - a sorta eye-of-the-storm effect
Prescription A bit of gabber. The drum (a nice buzzer i got from a ts404 emu) gets going from the start and the melody is built up in stages then comes in full force after a cupla minutes and a nice breakdown. Starting to get a better sound now i pre-compress and limit the drums and synths before putting them on the soundfont.


Scm '03

Dolly Parton - Jolene (Scm big beat mix) A sorta minimal big beat version of Jolene, just drums and a guitar and vocals
Chant A downbeat, trip-hop sorta thing. A harp, some chanting, the amen break and a big ass bass after a minute or two - it takes a little time to get going.
Professionalism A harsh, breaky dnb track with a big ground shaking bass
303 Amen Quite a simple track - a pad, a sub and the unchopped amen break (twice). Nothing special but strangely head-nod inducing.
Hangin Around A bit of minimal one - just the bass and the drums and percussion.
Fanfare (drummed mix) A purely percussive dnb track using the amen break, hats, a timpani and cymbal - made to see if it gave me any ideas for a remix of Fanfare for the Common Man i wanted to do, but nothings happened yet!
Midnight An ambient-ish DnB track. A piano, a bass, the amen break and some percussion. Starts with the piano then builds gradually once the drums and bass kick in.
Step 2 It A developing steppers track
He Scheids A quite hard gabba track. Screaming and drums. I heard this style of track back in the mid-late 90`s but didnt hav the know-how or facilities - but now I do so here it is.
Manga I wanted to an overdrive guitar based song - and here it is. A nice bit of a guitar riff and distorted bass drum. Pounding along!
Duet for Cello and Piano A sedate piece with the cello taking the lead, switching to the piano - then back to the cello. Thoughtful and a touch sorrowful.
String Quartet A lively piece for a string quartet. The theme is played around the different instruments before building to the final full sequencing.


Scm '02

Scm '02 - 303x3 A trance/hard dance track. Using only a 303 [emulator :(] to make the bass, phrase synth and lead. Builds steadily then pounds!
Scm '02 - InstruMental (Hard house mix) A Hard House version of the original InstruMental. I just loved that lead synth so much I wanted to write another song with it - but then its so distinctive I couldnt really make a whole new song - so remix it was! Keeps some of the elements from the original - the octave drop for the main synth and the break and fx sample all wrapped up a new hard house wrapping - complete with whaomp bass and 909 kick.
Scm '02 - Light and Dark A drum n bass track switching between a light break and then poundin distorted steppers and harsh bass.


Scm '01

Scm '01 - Remember Me A dirty low-fi dnb track
Scm '01 - Dark Trance A moody trance track
Scm '01 - Piano A piano led trance number, synths n strings n more synths n pads n percs. The original trance version of DreamDance 4
Scm '01 - String Section A trance track that starts with a long string intro and gradually adds in the drums n synths
Scm '01 - Synthetic A flowing trancer - A melodic trance track with some sweepy pads and echoing 303
Scm '01 - Trance in E melodic trance piece - starts with strings then moves into the main synths/drums. Starts with a short theme, then gets a longer 2 phrase melody over the top of it.
Scm '01 - Real American A trance remix of the chorus of Hulk Hogan's theme song
Scm '01 - Bang Bang! A faster hardcore/gabber type track
Scm '01 - What A fast synthy gabber track. Starts mostly with the percussion and kick then progresses into a breakdown to a whole orchestral, paddy, stringy synth section. bit trancey
Scm '01 - Darkcore A moody, atmospheric hardcore track with a nice rolling breakbeat
Scm '01 - Mindless Trancore Trance styles melodies and pads - hardcore beats
Enya - Book of Days (Scm DnB mix)
Police - Message in a Bottle (Scm Breakbeat mix)
Scm '01 - Dank A dark trancey drum n bass track
Scm '01 - Old Yeller A tasty tweaked steppers
Scm '01 - Funk the Bass A bit of big beat. An 303 riff plays off a nice bassline and a break. I played around with the effects abit on the 303 part and the bass line gets all cut up in second half of tune
Scm '01 - GtrStab A pounding dnb track based around a distorted guitar
Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philladelphia - Scm Ambient Strings remix
Count Zero - Killing Game Show - Scm Hardcore Mix The main theme from an old 16bit game The Killing Game Show - done up in all new hardcore trappings
Count Zero - Killing Game Show - Scm Short Stab A shorter version of above, with some different synths
David Whittaker - Renegade - Scm Trance Mix More chip music remixing
Mad Max - Syntax - Scm Fletch Mix A remix of Mad Max's chip music remix of the theme from the film Fletch by Harold Faltermeyer
Scm '01 - DreamDance 1 Just seems to flow. A slow development of a melody with pads and a harpish lead synth.
Scm '01 - DreamDance 2 Starts with a church bell and some sweeps and slowly builds the melody on the piano and harp. Theres also some strings, an organ and tinkly thing and pads.
Scm '01 - DreamDance 3 A little bit of everything really - the think break, pads, a piano, flutes, tinkly things, organs, strings all playing around a 4 bar chord seq - marvelous!


Scm '00

Scm '00 - Peace and Quiet A nice bit of melody driven trance. Starts of gentle then switches to a harder style and synth bout half way thru. I did this one afew years ago - so the productions not as polished as now - but its still good for its ideas.
Scm '00 - Gabba Funk A funky guitar and a fast low buzzy kick.
Scm '00 - InstruMental A gabber/speedcore track. starts with a break and industrial sample then the main part of song is based around a distorted lead synth part that develops throughout the song. Oh yeah - and the HARD FAST DRUMS.
Scm '00 - Quake Gabba A nice pulsing kick against a guitar riff
Scm '00 - Sweep and Rave A melodic hardcore track, switches between breakbeat drums and 4/4 kicks with some pads n synths flitting about the place
Scm '00 - The Only Way Out A building melodic hardcore track
Scm '00 - Time and Again A quite paddy happy hardcore tune with trance inklings. The main tune is hinted at through the first part of the tune while the parts and chord sequence build then come in full force bout half way through.
Scm '00 - Fascinating Rhythm A bouncey big band big beat track


Scm '97

Very old stuff i made in Magix Music Maker 2 - an early drag n drop sequencer. Ripped stuff from other hardcore tracks left right and centre and used loads of samples from films and games (just like now then really - eh?).
Scm '97 - Fatality
Scm '97 - Funny Farm
Scm '97 - Gabba
Scm '97 - Hard trance Quite a long one - starts all ambient then goes abit hardcore in the second half
Scm '97 - Jungle mix
Scm '97 - Newstyle
Scm '97 - Overdose Using the sample from Mr Kirk's Nightmare
Scm '97 - Snatchers
Scm '97 - Take me away
Scm '97 - Take me away[Rmx]
Scm '97 - What can't be stopped
Scm '97 - Darker